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Tire Protection Plan Guarantee

1. This Guarantee applies only to new Automotive tire purchases from Theisen’s Home•Farm•Auto (hereafter “Theisen’s”) on original vehicle and tire D.O.T. numbers listed on this form, with the purchase of the Theisen’s Tire Protection Plan (hereafter “Plan”), Theisen’s guarantees the following:

  • A. Free Initial Mounting: of new tire(s) purchase on standard rims.
  • B. Free Non-TPMS Rubber Valve Stem: on initial install. TPMS valve work will be charged separately according to the prevailing rate.
  • C. Free Disposal of Tire(s): replaced by new tire(s) purchase.
  • D. Free LIFETIME Balancing: once every 7500 miles for the lifetime of the tire as defined by the manufacturer’s treadwear mileage warranty. If the manufacturer does not offer a treadwear warranty, lifetime is defined as tread depth greater than 2/32”. Tread depth at 2/32” or less is defined by law as worn out.
  • E. Free Rotation: once every 7500 miles for the lifetime of the tire as defined in section (d) above, minimum 2 tire purchase applies. TPMS relearn will be charged separately according to prevailing rate.
  • F. Free Lifetime Flat Repair: performed by Theisen’s for the lifetime of the tire as defined in section (d) above and RMA tire repair guidelines.
  • G. Free Replacement of any tire purchased under this plan with a non-repairable leak or impact break within the first 60 days or 2000 miles of purchase, whichever comes first. Only the non-repairable tire(s) on the vehicle will be replaced, no other tires on the vehicle will be replaced, and a non-repairable tire will be replaced with an equal or better tire if the exact tire is not available. You must present the tire, this Plan, and original invoice for warranty/guarantee service. Replacement tire requires the purchase of a new Tire Protection Plan, or is no longer covered.

2. The Plan does not cover Automotive tires used in commercial applications, Off Road, MT or Mud Traction, or Racing tires. If you have been offered and paid for this Plan, please see Theisen’s management immediately.

3. For services performed after the initial purchase, the Plan, given at the time of purchase noting the specific tire DOT numbers, must be presented with the original invoice to receive the free services. If this Plan document is not available, services will be charged at the applicable rate in effect at the time of future service.

4. Any tire, no matter how well constructed, may fail in service or otherwise become unserviceable due to conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer. Nothing in the Plan is intended to imply that tire failures cannot or will not occur.

5. The Plan DOES NOT extend to incidental or consequential damages. It DOES NOT cover loss of time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, or unserviceability due to accident, fire, chain damage, vandalism or damage as a result of an obstruction on the vehicle, improper mounting or rim fitment.