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At Theisen's Home*Farm*Auto, we make every attempt to assure the prices and products displayed on our websites are accurate and current. However, there is always the chance for human error to intervene. Occasionally files may be incorrect or become corrupted, a keystroke error occurs, and at times, we don't know why the mistake happened. Should you discover a price that appears too good to be true, or too low to be realistic, such as a Tire for your vehicle priced at $10, it's likely a mistake. When Theisen's learns of the mistake, we immediately try to correct the error, often the error is brought to our attention by you, the customer. We do reserve the right to suspend sales of incorrect products or prices until the correct information is on our website. We sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you for choosing Theisen's Home*Farm*Auto.

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PERFORMANCE TREAD COMPOUNDDesigned to provide excellent traction and handling, this newly formulated tread stock also crries long wearing properties for excellent value.
FOUR WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVESProvides excellent water evacuation in the footprint on wet and slippery road surfaces.
SOLID CENTER RIBProvides a sooth ride and responsive handling without sacrificing ride comfort.
VARIABLE PITCH TREADComputer designed to provide a quiet running tire at highway speeds.
SPIRAL NYLON OVERWRAPA special nylon overwrap strip is continuously wound around the tire body, thus eliminating any wide material splices..
ATTRACTIVE SIDEWALLModern looking stylized sidewall complements today's vehicles.
M+S Rated