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Goodyear All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar® Pro-Grade
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4.20000000 out of 5 3 Review(s) | Submit Review
Goodyear All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar® Pro-Grade
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Tire Size: LT265/75R16/E
Serv. Desc: 123R
Sidewall: OWL
Max Load: 3415 lbs
SKU: 748746571
Warranty (mi.) 60,000

Light Truck/SUV TiresLight Truck/SUV Tires All Terrain All SeasonAll Terrain All Season
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Diameter: 31.7"   Rim Width: 7.5" ( 7" to 8" )   Tread Width: N/A
Max Inflation: 80 psi   Section Width: 10.5"   Weight: N/A
Max Load (Dual): 3085 lbs   Tread Depth: 15/32"   Ply Rating: E
Revs Per Mile: 660/mi.        
Alayer of DuPont™ Kevlar.® (DuPont ™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.)Offers rugged strength for confident off-road driving
Durawall® TechnologyHelps resist sidewall cuts and punctures
Traction ridges and open shoulder blocksHelp clear mud and snow for versatile off-road traction
Biting edges and a rubber compoundOffer superior traction on wet and icy roads

4.3 out of 5Submitted by Will in Arkansas on 10/3/2016
(2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 4x4)

Good tires for the most part. Handle well all around and make good all weather street tires. However, have not had any luck with them being "all-terrain." After trying 4 and 10-ply Wrangler All Terrains, I consistently gets flats on gravel and even developed a bulge after less than 1 year and less than 15,000 miles. Flats happen, but it shouldn't be every time you get off pavement.

Would Buy Again 3/5   Hydroplaning Resistance 4/5  
Wet Traction 4/5   Cornering Stability 5/5  
Dry Traction 5/5   Steering Response 5/5  
Snow Traction 4/5        

4.15 out of 5Submitted by David in North Carolina on 12/17/2013
(2009 GMC Trucks Sierra 1500 4x4 Ext. Cab Short Box (SLE1))

Great all around tire. Tire performs very well on dry conditions as well in wet conditions, too. Tires did ok in sand, and decent in loose terrain. As for the deeper red clay, they filled up very quickly and are hard to clean out. As for a daily driver and a good all around performer, I will recommend these tires.

Would Buy Again 4/5   Hydroplaning Resistance 4/5  
Wet Traction 4/5   Cornering Stability 4/5  
Dry Traction 5/5   Steering Response 4/5  
Snow Traction 4/5        

4.15 out of 5Submitted by Will in Maine on 12/13/2013
(2004 Chevrolet Trucks Silverado 1500 4x4 Ext. Cab)

This tire does just about everything well. It has out performed similar tires by other manufacturers that I have had in the past. I am particularly impressed by the snow traction of this tire. It bites very well to get you going and holds the road while cornering in the snow giving a real sense of confidence. The noise of the tire is minimal. Very pleased overall and will certainly purchase again.

Would Buy Again 5/5   Hydroplaning Resistance 4/5  
Wet Traction 4/5   Cornering Stability 3/5  
Dry Traction 5/5   Steering Response 4/5  
Snow Traction 4/5        

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